Recycling And Scrap Metal Yards

Whether you are a homeowner doing some renovations, a plumber with extra materials or even just someone with old large appliances you can help the environment as well as make a little cash by taking part in Phoenix recycling of your old scrap metal. Old scrap metal can be turned into a variety of other things instead of just sitting in a landfill somewhere. Scrap metal is found in a variety of things from pipes to cars and everything in between.

What Scrap Metal Yards Buy:

Scrap metal yards buy everything from metal to appliances. You can sell copper pipes, copper fittings, brass faucets, brass shower bodies, aluminum siding, aluminum cans and many other metals and materials. Among those metals are also steel, tin and silver. Cars are often sold to scrap metal yards because they are so large and heavy and have tons of metal to them. Large appliances and household items such as water heaters, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners, can also be sold to scrap metal yards. Some scrap metal yards will also take boats, humidifiers, heaters, stoves, microwaves, grills, televisions and other household appliances.

How Much Money You Will Make:

How much you make from selling your old scrap metal and appliances will vary greatly depending on what you have and how much you have. Typically the better the metal the more money you will make. Copper and brass will often yield more than tin, steel, aluminum and other metals. Larger appliances will tend to yield more money than smaller appliances. Weight is a huge factor in determining how much you will make as well. The more pounds you have of something the better usually. Larger appliances are often based on weight as well as the kind of metal it is and the kind of appliance it is.

Why Recycle Old Materials & Metals:

Recycling old scrap metal and appliances of course can get you a few extra dollars but there are also some other reasons to recycle. Recycling helps the environment by allowing less waste and less production of new items. Old items can be transformed into new products so nothing goes to waste. The recycle plant will reuse and renew items or send them out to be made into new materials and items. Recycling scrap metal and large household appliances is a good way to discard of items that cannot typically be put in the regular trash. The scrap metal yard will discard of those items for you while also paying you cash on the spot.